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How HoneyHomb Differs from Flat Fee Companies and Traditional Real Estate Agents


Real estate in today’s world is ever-evolving, and HoneyHomb is leading the industry in innovation when it comes to home sales in the Wasatch Front. 

Why pay 6% to list with a traditional realtor when HoneyHomb charges one low, flat-rate fee that will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the competition? This method of selling homes is outdated and unnecessary. Find your way to more efficient home selling by working with us!

What is HoneyHomb?

After spending more than 17 years in the real estate industry and working his way to being one of the top realtors in Utah, HoneyHomb’s founder decided it was time for a change. Flat fee companies started to change the way that homes were sold, and although they had a lot of factors right, they didn’t have the high-quality customer service that a traditional realtor could provide. Thus, HoneyHomb was born. Offering a high-quality home selling experience for significantly less money than competitors is our mission. 

HoneyHomb vs. Realtors

Let’s take a look at two homeowners in Salt Lake County. Jim and Bill each own their own house, and both houses are worth about $350,000. They both decide to sell. Jim lists his home with a realtor friend from high school. This realtor’s standard commission is 6%. Jim’s house sells quickly, and he pays his realtor $21,000 and walks away with $329,000.

When Bill decides to sell, he does some research and learns about HoneyHomb. He decides to list with us and pays $150 up-front so that we can take professional listing photos of his property, receive a “for sale” sign for his yard, and to activate his online listing. He is assigned a real estate professional who handles all the home showings, negotiations, and paperwork. His home also sells quickly, and once it’s sold, he pays HoneyHomb our flat rate of $1,300 and walks away with $348,550. 

Jim and Bill both sold their houses, and they’re both probably happy with the overall home selling process and the service they received. Bill, however, has an extra $19,550 in his pocket. Be like Bill. Sell with HoneyHomb.

HoneyHomb vs. Flat Rate Companies

There are plenty of flat-rate home selling companies in Utah, so what makes HoneyHomb different? For starters, we charge hundreds of dollars less than our competitors. While we offer negotiation assistance, showing scheduling services, big internet advertising, and professional customer service (among several other things), many flat-rate companies fall short. Best of all, by using our affiliate and syndicated partners, homeowners worldwide can find your listing. 

Sell Your Utah Home with HoneyHomb

With HoneyHomb, you get the professional service of a traditional realtor for far less than other flat-rate companies can provide. If you’re looking to sell your home in Sandy, neighboring Salt Lake County cities, or anywhere along the greater Wasatch Front area, HoneyHomb is the way to go. Schedule your appointment today




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