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Having worked in the real estate industry successfully for over 15 years, while completing hundreds of real estate transactions, our founder decided that the flat fee options needed a serious reboot. Flat fee companies have been around for a long time! Some for over decades. What we saw and still see today is a lot of options being provided, with a serious lack of quality and attention to detail. Some lack basic necessary elements like professional photos and customer service, while other newer companies have gone out of their way to over-automate the process, charge WAY too much, and snub Realtors. None of which is good for you when trying to sell or buy a home.

On the other hand, automation and technology certainly have made the process of selling or buying a home easier in today’s world. So what’s up with so many of the Realtors out there who think they should still be paid 3% to list and sell a home?? It’s totally impossible to justify! It’s fun to listen to them try though. Try as they might.. Truth be told, we have learned that most agents are great people and we have nothing against them. Like our mom always said, you catch more flies with HONEY, than you do with Homie, or was it agents?! Maybe vinegar.. EITHER WAY, WELCOME TO HONEYHOMB!



While many people still choose to work with a Realtor, there will always be a sizable percentage of public that wants to avoid the large commissions associated with agents and brokers. That’s where we come in! Our mission is to provide people with an option that is just as effective as a good Realtor, but for much less. Saving money has never been easier when it comes to selling or buying!