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Having worked in the real estate industry for over 20 years, as a top-producing Realtor, our owner and lead agent decided it was time for a change. The 6% fee structure was going the way of the dinosaurs and flat fee options needed a serious reboot. Flat fee companies have been around for a long time! Some for well over a decade. What we saw and still see today is a lot of options being provided, with a serious lack of quality and attention to detail. Most lack basic, fundamental elements, like professional photography and good customer service. While other new trendy companies have gone out of their way to snub Realtors through their advertising. Oddly enough while making legitimate errors on hundreds of their own listings. Errors that could very likely lead to a home sitting longer on the market, or even not selling. None of this is good for you!

So getting back to that BIG 6% that nobody wants to pay. The fact is that automation and technology certainly have made the process of selling or buying a home easier, in today’s world. Nobody can argue that. So why are so many Realtors out there still charging 6% to list and sell a home? It’s totally impossible to justify. I mean come on folks, that is $26,520 of a homeowner’s equity, based on median home sales in 2021. The truth is that most agents are great people and we have nothing against them. We just don’t think you should have to pay more than is necessary for excellent service! Welcome to HoneyHomb.



While most people choose to work with a Realtor, there will always be a sizable percentage that want to avoid the huge commission rates. That is where we come in! Our mission is to provide our clients with an affordable option, while matching the service and quality of the best 6% agents in the business.



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