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6 Insider Secrets To Taking Great Home Listing Photos


Regardless of how good your home looks in person, if your home listing photos online don’t look appealing, you could lose dozens of potential buyers.

Even before the global pandemic caused us to shift to doing everything virtually, more than 90% of home buyers have been starting their search online

Beautiful, high-quality photos are the best-kept secret to a successful home sale, and here are six insider tips for taking the best pictures possible.

1. Do Your Prep Work

Before you even pick up the camera, take a walk through your home and pay attention to every detail. Think about how it might look to an outsider. Any flaws that you can see, the camera will see, too. Take note of the areas in your home that need attention, and then get them resolved before proceeding with the photos.

2. Work on Curb Appeal

After you’ve cleaned up the inside of your home, take a walk around the exterior. Clear away the clutter. Move cars from the driveway and make any toys and bikes scarce. The outside of your home is the first thing that buyers will see, so make sure it looks nice and neat. Trim the bushes and trees, mow the grass, and maybe add a flower pot or two to the porch.

3. Declutter, and Then Declutter Some More

This can’t be overstated. Clutter in a home is a huge distraction from all the positive features. Do you know the model homes that builders have? Try to make your home look like that. Like nobody lives in it. Remove the excess magazines, books, and photographs. Clear off bathroom and kitchen counters, and remove anything on your refrigerator. Less really is more for great home listing pictures.

4. Pick the Right Day and Time

Most experts agree that it’s best to take photos when the sun is shining on the front of your home. When shooting the exterior, play to the strengths of your area. If you have beautiful mountain views, for example, choose a time when the sun hits the mountains just right. For homes in tropical locations, a mid-day full-sun shoot might be preferred to showcase the beautiful weather.

5. Choose the Right Spot for Shooting

A good goal for shooting is to try to include three walls in each photo. This gives depth to the rooms and makes them feel large and inviting instead of feeling small and closed off. Consider shooting from the doorway, closet, or a corner.

6. Pay Attention to the Angle

Although odd angles might work well for capturing children and taking selfies, the same isn’t true for home listing pictures. It’s best to shoot straight with the camera at chest height. Photos at low or high angles distort the view of your home and can reduce the size and appeal of a room. Show the room as a person walking in would see it.

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