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10 Reasons You Should Move to Salt Lake City ASAP


If you’re looking for a change of scenery, a move to Salt Lake City might be just what the doctor ordered. There’s much more to Utah than eating green jello and making up wild baby names. The beautiful state is full of outdoor recreation, nightlife, job opportunities, and more. Here’s a look at ten reasons you should consider moving to Salt Lake City.

1. Outdoor Recreation

There’s one thing that brings more people to Utah than anything else: outdoor recreation. Whether you’re into snowboarding, hiking, waterskiing, or bird watching, this state has what you’re looking for. Salt Lake City boasts easy access to Utah’s five National Parks, dozens of ski resorts, plenty of state parks, etc. There’s no lack of outdoor recreation in Utah, and you don’t have to drive far to get to it. 

2. Four Seasons

Experiencing all four seasons at home is something most Utahns are big fans of. Salt Lake City is beautiful all year round. Spring brings tulip festivals, poppy fields, and the state capitol’s cherry blossoms. 

It’s hot enough in the summer to spend all day at the lake, but the evenings cool off enough for a backyard s’mores roast. Utah is at its best in the fall when the leaves all across the state turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. And if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, you’re bound to get one in Salt Lake City. 

3. Silicon Slopes

Just 20 minutes down the interstate from Salt Lake City is Lehi, now dubbed Silicon Slopes. This city is home to dozens of tech startups and Fortune 500 companies with job opportunities galore. If you love city life, you can live in Salt Lake City and take the easy commute on I-15 to work in Silicon Slopes. There are plenty of job opportunities in Salt Lake City, too, so if you don’t want a commute, you can find work downtown.

4. Nightlife

Foodies and barhoppers will be pleasantly surprised by the dining and nightlife options across Salt Lake City. You can find it all here, from food trucks to hole-in-the-wall joints to high-end dining establishments. Downtown offers plenty of options within walking distance, so you won’t have to spend your night out driving from place to place. 

5. Travel Opportunities

Whether you consider yourself a jet setter or you prefer a road trip, Salt Lake City offers plenty of travel opportunities. The theme parks and beaches in Southern California are just a ten-hour drive, and a weekend in Vegas is only six hours away. 

Utah’s upgraded interstate system makes for easy transportation, and if you prefer to take public transit, there is a convenient bus and train system spanning the entire Wasatch Front. Salt Lake’s newly remodeled international airport is nestled right inside the city, so taking a flight is super convenient too. The endless travel opportunities make a move to Salt Lake City easy. 

6. Entertainment

Are you looking for a Broadway show? Salt Lake’s got it. Ballet? Film festivals? Professional sports? Look no further. This city offers a wide array of sports, arts, and culture. There are plenty of museums, concert venues, and other entertainment options, so you’ll always have something to do.

7. Quality of Life

Life in Salt Lake City is well suited for people in every situation. It’s a very family-friendly city and has plenty of options for young working professionals. The crime rate is low, and it’s considered a very safe place to live. Overall, the city’s quality of life is top-notch.

8. Good Neighbors

Salt Lake residents are known to be young and successful. The average age in the city is 30 years old, and roughly 45% of the city’s adult population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Residents are friendly and kind and love to volunteer. There’s a strong sense of community within Salt Lake City, and newcomers are welcomed with open arms.

9. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Salt Lake City is much lower than other areas with comparable job opportunities and outdoor recreation options. Utah is in the top ten of states with the best tax codes. Groceries, gas, utilities, and other expenses are affordable. The low cost of living in the area makes a high-quality lifestyle attainable to everyone.

9. Great Schools

From preschools all the way up to higher education institutions, Salt Lake City is home to some of the nation’s best schools. Salt Lake Community College is ranked as one of the best community colleges in the country.

The University of Utah and Brigham Young University are top-notch universities with excellent education programs and great college sports. If education is a priority for you, Salt Lake City’s schools will meet every expectation. 

10. Booming Housing Market

The housing market in Salt Lake is booming right now, and the population is projected to keep growing rapidly. Now is the perfect time to buy a house in Salt Lake City since there are plenty of homes for sale, and the market isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. 

With the ultra-competitive housing market, it’s essential to have a trusted real estate expert on your side so you can find the right home for you. 

HoneyHomb Can Help You Find Your New Home in Salt Lake City 

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